On 6/6/17, the primary server had a catastrophic failure. If you had not yet migrated your website and/or email with Kevin at Localality or another service, we are actively working to help you.

• Our first priority is getting your email accounts functioning.

• We will then work with you to get a website presence established.

While we have backups of all your website content, the underlying system is not functional. You will need to work with Kevin or another provider to rebuild your website per the letter of November 15, 2015.

Email Setup and Options
We recommend using a modern email service such as or for convenient features and reliability.

To create a gmail account, go here: The key fields are the email address, Name, and Password. Most of the others are superfluous for a business account.

To create an account, go here: and click on "sign up" in the top-right. Fill out the form.

Once you create your email address(es) please email me at with the new address and which of your domain addresses you want associated. For example: - -

We will set it up such that everyone sees your business email address, but you get the benefits of Google or Microsoft mail services.

The process takes just a few minutes and you'll start getting your email messages.

Any questions, please let me know at:

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